Community and culture design in Discord

Lera and I will help to transform followers from your business channels into a lovely community that aligns to your business goals and promotes your company culture.

The Community Design Program is a set of on-demand personal workshops that we tailor to your business on the go:

  • You dedicate a person from your company to lead each Stage - can be a junior employee without a tech background but with a strong will to learn new things.

  • We help your business setup goals, KPIs and stages and put it to a timeline.

  • We help you execute and report on the results.

Lera and I will help you start a community initiative, align it to your business, your company culture and train your employees.

Here’s an article or a 17 min video on why your business may need a community in 2021.

Stage 0 - What can you want from a community?

Outcome: You can take a decision - commit to Stage 1 or postpone your community initiative.

  • We see if we can align your business goals to your community ambitions

  • We set up expectations with timeframes and possible KPIs to get the budgets approved

  • We help you understand the requirements and do the planning

Stage 1 - Assemble a Minimum Viable Community

Outcome: A Discord server that you are comfortable inviting your colleagues, business partners and your trusted users to.

  • We guide you through starting a Discord server in a proper scalable way

  • We help you prioritize and focus on your MVC, so you see progress and have new functionality after each workshop

  • We explain and help you to design the community core loop and the foundation to integrate it into your company ecosystem

Stage 2 - Iterate on culture and strategy

Outcome: A core community that is founded on the relationships, values and culture of your brand.

  • Your key stakeholders should feel comfortable in and with your community

  • We design and help you set the community culture, make sure the first users do resonate with the culture and share the values

  • We help you set the engagement and content strategy

Stage 3 - Content and growth

Outcome: You can run online events, workshops and engage with your users, business partners and your team in a single space.

  • We make sure that the first hundred people who join your community understand what to do and why they’d want to return here

  • We watch and protect the community culture, build the community lore, set the community routines and teach you and your team to operate within the community-led business mindset

  • We help you iterate over content and engagements strategy, set up your tech and events stack, guide you through it all and help to run your first community events

Stage 4 - Community Operations

Outcome: Your business is community-led now, you have the community as a part of your product, your business strategy and are loudly proud of it.

  • Let’s make sure you don’t need us for your community to function, your team is happy and comfortable with how everything functions

  • Your team has to understand and feel the community, be role models and culture carriers - we make sure this happens and there’s a clear understanding and reporting

  • We help you pick the long-term strategy, plan and implement it, align to business goals and KPIs

Further stages:

Outcome: We help you execute on the community strategy, continue training the team or helping with community operations, everything tech, media and online community events until you don't need us.

  • Help to hire and coach a team of community managers

  • We design you a custom superuser, volunteer moderator, beta-testing and other loyalty programs

  • Support with online events, maintenance, conflict resolutions, moderation, and all kinds of tech and people issues

  • Help transform your Discord to a full-blown radio, podcasting, video production and/or a conference/workshops/co-working experience

  • Help set up metrics and reporting for your executive team and investors

How to start:

  1. We have an onboarding call for free to see if we are the best fit to help your business.

  2. We sign a short agreement

  3. You pay 1750 EUR upfront for 8 workshops that are not time-bound - you just book the next workshop when you need help

  4. We can record the workshops or welcome more than two people from your side for an extra fee.

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Why The Community Punks?

  1. We tell you what we think, not what you want to hear.

  2. Community design and culture on Discord is our unique focus.

  3. Watch our weekly podcast 🎙️ to see how working with us feels like.