Carmen Taubman | Community design for businesses in 2021

Businesses start communities in 2021 for the same reasons they started a Facebook page in 2008. People like Carmen make these communities happen.

There are 3 plot lines in this podcast episode with Carmen:

  1. Nobody knows what a community design is, so Carmen and us introduce ourselves differently to clients

  2. Online content creation is often not perceived as a high profile work, so we somehow hide it even from our loved ones

  3. Businesses have figured out that they want to start a community, but struggle to figure out how and why exactly

It looks like Carmen and us, The Community Punks - we do similar things and we’re… rivals? Why did we invite Carmen to our show and why are we amplifying her message and promoting her?

  • Because what she’s doing is amazing - her work, her mindset, her problem-solving.

  • Because the communities market is growing and evolving so fast, that we do want more people to get involved, get inspired, talk about communities.

  • Because people like Carmen (and us 🥂) help businesses build people-centric communities, built on human values and not raw numbers.

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Live podcast recording:

  • Wednesday at 9 AM PST/18:00 CET: Can community be the core of a business? - David Spinks, CMX, Bevy

    David is a community industry legend, we’ll pick up his brain on the hottest problems of 2021.


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  • Can community be the core of a business? - David Spinks, CMX, Bevy

  • The community for community builders - Alex Angel - Commsor

  • The Ultimate Community Building Guide - Tom Ross, Design Cuts

  • Can you fast-grow communities if you really need it? - Rick Turoczy, PIE

  • Does it make sense to monetize community and members through crypto? - Tristan Pollock,, 500 Startups

  • Building developer community as a product - Steph Smith, growth marketer, writer, and indie maker

  • Calculating ROI and putting business numbers to a community - Nick Dijkstra - Co-Founder & Product at Port

  • How to build communities on relations instead of attention-retention numbers - Laís de Oliveira, On Deck

  • In process: Erin Mikail Staples from Orbit, Tersha Willis from, Pauline Narvas from Gitpod.

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