Jul 16, 2021 • 35M

Carmen Taubman | How to be successful as a creator and a community builder

Carmen feels ahead of many community industry people. She bridges the creator and the agency business models and it all makes so much sense.

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Lera and I dig into each other's head like in an old BMW

We stopped the record button and looked at each other with Lera. Carmen is doing so many things right and sounds ahead of many industry people.

Just think: she has figured out how to scale up the unscalable consultancy gig. She has a worksheet her clients go through and schedule individual calls when they need assistance instead of just having weekly calls where she tells people what to do.

Carmen is doing something in-between a consultancy and a CBC (cohort-based class). She bridges the creator and the agency business models. Get inspired =)

In this episode, we dig deep into how Carmen works and thinks about community design and community management for businesses, but we start by thinking aloud about what it means to be a creator and how online content creators are perceived by different audiences.

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