Ashley Friedlein | What can community do for a business?

Everyone is talking about how community-led companies are the future. Does it mean everyone needs a community? And why...

Ashley suggests the internet is going in cycles - communities have shifted to social networks and now are getting the focus back. So if a business doesn’t invest in a community it gonna miss out just like if a business would not have a social presence today.

David Spinks from CMX and is saying the same thing. And my Twitter bubble is raving about the communities being the core of the business.

Also instead of focusing on this podcast, learning courses about community building and all other creator things, Lera and I are helping businesses to make sense of Discord and move their social followers there. You understand why?

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Towards the very end of this podcast, we ask Ashley why community is such a thing suddenly. He goes around and thinks about several use cases that collapse to a single idea: people want culture, not a product.

Pause for a minute. This idea is hard to digest. It took me a while to understand it.

I am turning 36 years today, but my brain fails to function on emotions. Lera is 22 and her brain fails to not function on emotions. She gets it naturally that it is people, it is the culture that attracts the attention of the masses to a product or a service.

Nobody cares about what your company did and how awesome it is unless you’re on such a bleeding edge of everything that everyone wants to learn and copy from you.

The episode with Ashley is just food for thoughts. Enjoy. And watch Lera keeping her finger on the time, since she was late to get her Pfizer shot.

Oh, and Ashley has a dog that is sleeping on the pillow. How cute.

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