Darya Steel, Evgeny Reznitsky | Communities in Russia are... different...

Head of community, Gameram; Partner, NAULAB

  • If you’re a big boss in Russia, this episode slaps you in the face 💥

  • If you’re a community builder not in Russia, this episode terrifies you and makes you proud of what you have 🏗️

  • If you’re a game developer or a crypto bro, you can feel aeons ahead 💪

  • If you're a fan of The Communities Show, you’ll be delighted to see the new co-host Victoria 🥰

Key moments:

  • 10:20 - Whatsapp for local communities

  • 13:05 - We’ll have to remember how to speak in Russian

  • 18:10 - Facing the harsh reality + mic drop


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