Jun 18, 2021 • 38M

Jana Boruta | Building communities in real life and online

Come for Jana Boruta, stay for the kitchen talk about people, empathy and building online communities

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Jana Boruta is a big boss at a big company and a person with a big heart. And the “big heart” part makes this conversation special and emotionful.

The whole episode sounds like a protopian future where the corps are not evil and the bosses care so much about their immediate team, the customers and do what is right in tough times.

I am writing this praise for Jana because Lera made me do it. She insists the communities are about people and relations, so the companies that get it are able to build sustainable and happy communities.

There’s a special moment in this episode where Jana admits having an imposter syndrome and we all support her and then resonate about her Café Jana initiative being so similar in spirit to お早う - The Podcast.

This is a lovely-lovely episode fine-balanced to be both fun and useful. Enjoy.

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