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Twitter avatar for @lakatos88Alex Lakatos 👨‍💻🥑 @lakatos88
I love the podcast. It has nothing to do with the fact I was a guest, and everything to do with the fact that bullying @iWozik is not only strongly encouraged but @bezazazumno & @angrigoryan__ will actively show you how to!The Communities ShowThis podcast feels like having a coffee ☕ or a drink 🍹 with your industry
Twitter avatar for @erinmikailErin Mikail Staples 💻 @erinmikail
You know those folks you cross paths with, and they just get it? and then continue to build rad things? @iWozik of gets it! Congrats on your @ProductHunt launch! Friends -- can we throw 'em a few upvotes?

Olle Pridiuksson @iWozik

Going through an amazing experience today with a @ProductHunt launch. Maaaany thanks to @turoczy for hunting us 💕 Much love to @rosiesherry @DavidSpinks and @thecommunityvc for good words. Upvote or rt, if you like us 🍰 Support your fellow creators ☕️