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How to measure engagement. How to choose the right metric. Some of the fun and new engagement mechanics

Good Monday,

I am Olle and I broke my audio. See the bottom of the email to learn how.

We run a special show with Anna Grigoryan from Community Weekly where we focus on community engagement:

  1. How to measure the engagement

  2. How to choose the right metric

  3. Some of the fun and new engagement mechanics

This is a lighter, funnier version of The Post-Facebook Communities show with Anna as a co-host where 4 of us focus on 1 particular community-related topic.

We’ll do episodes with Anna more often if the views numbers confirm that you all enjoy the new format.


Make the numbers better by telling a friend that we exist and are worth a watch.


Community builders and digital content creators. Available for contract work.

  • Lera: artist, full-time gen z, queen 👑

  • Karina: business leader​, money 🤑

  • Anna: founder, writer, engineer 👩🏻‍🔬

  • Olle: product, devrel, tech 🎥

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Upcoming episodes:

This show runs on our Discord server and is supported by a friendly pancultural community. Most speakers are our community members.

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