Ohayo | Do you like or hate your old work?

I disagree with what life coaches and business books preach.

Life coaches and business books preach that if you love your old work, then you didn’t grow since then. F. life coaches - I am thinking with Lera’s voice - I love our older Ohayo episodes despite I can see how newer episodes are better and how we still have a long way to go.

Each Ohayo episode is a 10-minute story about life, work, the world around us. They are so personal and honest that feels almost like therapy 🥰.

I am listening to our older episodes 🎧 with this view through the window. I am on a cross country train, going to see a dear friend. I am thinking that we can eventually sell out The Communities Show podcast, The Community Punks program, but never Ohayo.

Yesterday we had a live version of Ohayo - 2 hours, 3 bottles of Prosecco and a box of cebula chips.

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