Bar Kirshon | Many online creators need a supportive community not money

Co-Founder & CEO Communyco ✨ Filmmaker ✨ Bread Baker✨ Newborn podcaster

  • If you’re a big boss, this episode explains how your content creator team is in a constant burnout 🔥

  • If you’re a community builder, you will feel empowered yet extra cautious 🤨

  • If you’re a creator, you will learn you’re not alone with your thoughts 💖

  • If you're a fan of The Communities Show, this episode would feel a little more emotional for you 🥰

Key moments:

  • 04:00 - Discord vs an own community app

  • 17:50 - Giving a shoulder vs proper mental help

  • 22:06 - Do creators want to earn money


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