Aug 6, 2021 • 35M

Alex Angel | Listen to learn how to be an amazing big boss

Alex Angel feels like a role model for to Lera, Anna and I. She's a Chief Community Officer at Commsor and a lovely person 💖

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Let’s just admit it - you’re watching and listening to The Communities Show because of Lera, Anna, Olle and our awesome guests enjoying the time together. We dance 💃 around online communities and relations or creator economy topics, but really, in our remote-first world everybody is a community builder and an online content creator.

Yes, you too! But you probably never think about yourself like this. Same as when watching the eggs cooking manual on YouTube you don’t position yourself as a restaurant chief, right? You got the vibe 🍷.

We’re so bullish on emotions and friendships rather than attention-retention and slide decks. As a true community punks we’re fine telling the whole world that they’re wrong. You love us for this too, right?

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