Alex Angel | How to be a Chief Community Officer

We ended up just talking about how amazing Alex is as a person and as a thoughtful leader 💖. Lera and I feel that we brought more value to you like this.

From the very first minute of the episode, I throw a hard question at Alex Angel, I put her under an instant 🔦 spotlight and she just holds on. She keeps her empathy, chill vibe and to the point answers up thill the very end.

After 20 minutes Lera, Anna and I just want all big bosses to be like Alex so I ask how many C-level executives of community kind are there in the world.

Originally we wanted to talk about what Chief Community Officers do and how the community industry is changing, but we ended up just talking about how amazing Alex is as a person and as a thoughtful leader 💖. We feel that we brought more value to you like this.

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Oh…did you notice that Lera and I possess voices like we are on hormone treatment 😂? We just accidentally swapped our mic slots 🎙️. Lera tried to fix that in post-production, but…well it is what it is. Now you know that we have the technology to make boys sound like girls and vice versa.

Now let’s just admit it - you’re watching The Communities Show because of Lera, Anna, me and our awesome guests enjoying the time together. We dance 💃 around online communities and relations or creator economy topics, but really, in our remote-first world, everybody is a community builder and an online content creator.

Yes, you too! But you probably never think about yourself like this. Same as when watching the eggs cooking manual on YouTube you don’t position yourself as a restaurant chef, right? You got the vibe 🍷.

We’re so bullish on emotions and friendships rather than attention-retention and slide decks. As true community punks, we’re fine telling the whole world that they’re wrong.

You feel it in The Communities Show and in Ohayo, a series of 10 minute audio shorts with rich lore and funny backstage stories - we have just published them on Ko-Fi too.



Here’s the Twitter list with our previous speakers for you to find who to follow. And these amazing people are our next guests:

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