How audience is worse than a community? How thousands of followers are not good enough anymore? + a weekly motivation with Eddie Jaoude
Read the summary or watch The Post-Facebook Communities podcast.
17 minute talk that I did for a digital trends and marketing conference.
How to measure engagement. How to choose the right metric. Some of the fun and new engagement mechanics
Jamie shares her wisdom, Lera learns who she can be upon growing up. Plus: a community ROI calculation by Brian Oblinger and a motivation by Lolita…
Senior Community Engineer, Gitpod. Creator, Techie, Community Builder & Diversity Advocate
Hackerspace Trójmiasto founders tell how they were able to reinvent an IRL-community as a Discord server.
👁👄👁 Community-as-a-Service for the post-Facebook generation
Fighting impostor syndrome, learning what you're good at and just putting this buy button on your website.
“Communities are about human connections” - Lera and I shout into the void and kill The Communities Show as you know it.
Co-founder of terrible* - musicians and creators focused platform to source & sell products online + IRL
Everyone is talking about how community-led companies are the future. Does it mean everyone needs a community? And why...