Whatever. But what do I do as a fresh university graduate?
Reflecting on DevGAMM Vilnius

July 2022

5 honest questions my co-founder and myself ask each other after a year of working together
And how to not get mad because of all that responsibility
How Lera and I recognize achievements differently

June 2022

And how business coaches are really just overpriced therapists
I am not clever, I am not beautiful, can I be at least funny?
Do you introduce yourself as a human or as a logo on your company t-shirt?
Do you like what you do?Listen now (13 min) | And how to learn if you like what you're doing

May 2022

We're taking on a crusade against HRsListen now (17 min) | Because we can fix a few things, at least for the games industry
How do we explain our pivots?Listen now (12 min) | We work hard to be likeable 🥰
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